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Waco YMF-5 Short Kit

Founded in 1923 by four high school friends, the Weaver Aircraft Company went through many tough times. Early on the company was kept afloat by the Eskimo Pie and a candy recipe sold to the Russell Stover Company. Once they hit their stride, their best known model was the YMF sport plane. This plane had a reputation of being the best and most beautiful open cockpit biplane ever made, and I would have to agree. With the passing of the biplane era, WACO finally closed its door in 1948. Fortunately, in 1984 a group of investors started the WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation and started building the YMF design again in Battle Creek, MI.

Our little WACO is a 1/12 scale electric powered version of the YMF-5. It features a scale structure with proper rib spacing and fuselage stringers. Since this plane is small enough to transport in one piece, I designed the power system to slide out the nose for easy battery access. A simple latch holds it securely in place in flight.


Construction is traditional balsa and plywood.

Laser cut parts ensure everything fits.

A pullout tray makes battery access a snap. Appearance and flight performance is very scale.


  • Scale:1/12
  • Wing Span: 30"
  • Length: 22.3"
  • Wing Area: 246 sq. in. 
  • Weight: 16 oz. 
  • Wing Loading: 9.3 oz./sq. ft. 
  • Recommended Motors: AstroFlight Geared 010 
  • Recommended Battery: 3S 1320mAhr LiPo's 
  • Balsa and plywood construction

Kit Contents

  • 7 Sheets of laser cut balsa and plywood parts
  • Full size, rolled plans
  • Photo illustrated construction manual