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Gloster Meteor T.7 Short Kit

The Gloster Meteor was Britain’s first jet fighter, and the Allies’ first operation jet. It started service in 1944 and served the RAF and other air forces for several decades. Initially, the Meteor was used to knock down V-1 flying bombs. The Meteor was forbidden to fly over German held territory for fear of it falling into enemy hands. Later its mission was armed reconnaissance and ground attack where it took out enemy aircraft still on the ground. A few Meteors were lost due to friendly fire as it was mistaken as a Me-262. A new white paint job was specified to help with this. The Meteor also saw action in the Korean War at the hands of Australian pilots.

The Meteor is a rarely modeled plane and presented several engineering challenges in the design. The cruciform tail and engine nacelles embedded in the wings not only had to be designed to be strong, but also easy to build. Using the power of CAD and laser cutting, I design several features into the parts and several jigs to aid construction. This design is not for beginning builders or fliers. The construction requires some advanced building techniques including planking, fiberglassing, and retract installation.

Featured as a construction article in the January 2021 issue of Model Aviation magazine, we now offer a short kit of laser cut parts and a vacuum formed canopy. For pure scratch builders, the plans are available from Model Aviation.


Built up tail and wing

The wing is built around two spars.


The fuselage assembles quickly on the crutch. Notches for all the stringers are laser cut.


  • Scale:~1/10
  • Wing Span: 51.6"
  • Length: 61.5"
  • Wing Area: 668 sq. in. 
  • Weight: 110 oz. 
  • Wing Loading: 24 oz./sq. ft. 
  • Recommended Power: 2x Minifan 480 and 2x Mega 16/15/3 
  • Recommended Battery: 2x 4S 3200 to 5000 mAhr LiPo's 
  • Built up fuselage and wings, fully sheeted and glassed.

Kit Contents

  • Laser cut balsa and plywood fuselage formers and wing ribs
  • Vacuum formed canopy
  • Full Size Plans (now included)
  • Photo Illustrated Construction Manual