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Here are a few of our other models that we've built along the way....

Wedell-Williams Model 44

The Model 44 was the first plane to break 300mph for a single engine land plane. Jimmy Wedell used the TLAR method a lot and this plane probably started as chalk lines on the hangar floor. This model was scratch built from Wendel Hostetler plans.  Again they were significantly re-engineered to lighten the airframe. Powered with a MaxCim MegaMax 3.7 4Y motor and an 11S 3200mAhr Balance Pro pack it is graceful in the air.

Mr. Mulligan

The Howard DGA-6 (Darn Good Airplane) is a four place, high wing monoplane. The Mr. Mulligan is the only plane to win both the Bendix and the Thompson Trophy races in the same year.

This model was scratch built from my own plans and uses traditional balsa, ply, and fiberglass construction. Spruce dowels were used to simulate the tube structure of the original.  The cowling was hand laid from fiberglass and the cowl blisters were molded individually and applied to the cowl. The wing span is 70", length is 55.5" and power comes from an Aveox 1412/2Y motor on a 5S 3200mAhr FMA balance Pro pack.   The motor swings a 15x10 prop through an AstroFlight Superbox.


A few years back there was a nice line of kits from Balsacraft. I was lucky enough to pick up this kit from the R/C Groups want ads before they were all gone. These kits are a real "builders kit" and was a joy to put together. It is sad that they are no longer available. With a 48" span, a Phasor 30-3, and now a 3S 3200mAhr Balance Pro pack it gives a spirited 10+ minute flight.   It is one of our favorite performers and flies like a pattern plane.

Photos Coming Soon...